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Welcome back food-lovers! It’s been a long time – sorry for that, la! I literally had a lot of things on my plate. I had visitors in town and travelled a lot. Bottom line: Many chances to eat out all across Asia.

One thing I have to mention: Avoid “Fat Burger” in Wanchai! The Burger scene in Hong Kong is widely discussed – hot topic! Burger joints come and go like football coaches. Recent victim in this battle for greasy plates was one of my favs, the “Shake’Em Buns” outlet in Start Street,¬† Wanchai. Luckily the one in Central still remains in business. Back to “Fat Burger”: Everybody waited for them to open. A lot of marketing noise in the pre-launch phase, but finally so disappointing. Went there with a friend to try. We had the single burger with cheese and fries. The fries were outstanding – the burgers close to inedible. Got worse with every single bite. No joke! Too greasy, socked paper wrap, dry patties, card-board type buns and a tasteless sauce – YUK! Nothing to compete with this! A nice new burger place is the “Gourmet Burger Kitchen Union“, a classic “ME-too” (thanks to my brother for the hint), as you find them many times in HK. Food is on the pricier side (damage for two burgers, fries and water was 280 HK$!!!), but a nice little treat if you love burgers. Who doesn’t, by the way? We went for a classic hang-over meal and it saved our day enjoyed it a lot. I had the Italian Burger with Pesto and Rocket. Nice idea and most tasty. They offer different types of ready made burgers (Classic, Cheese, Thai, Italian, Combos¬† etc.), or you can go for the individual item selection. All ingredients are fresh and every burger is made to order. Well worth to give it a try…

As mentioned, I had visitors in town and we tried many stalls and restaurants. I showed them the usual suspects, but took the chance to explore new places, as well. “Po Toi O Fishing Village” was exceptional! Setting like the seafood restos in Lamma, but located in Sai Kung area. You can pick your seafood from water tanks – freshness guaranteed! Clams in Black Bean Sauce, Squid, Spicy Snails Taiwanese Style – you name it. We enjoyed the feast as you can see on these pics:

Gotta run – will be back with more, soon – promised!


gage street: street market and restaurants

One of my favourite areas is the scene around Gage Street. Lots of nice restaurants and street vendors that offer fresh vegetables, seafood and meat. You can find nice shops offering home made stuff such as noodles or dried and preserved goods. A nice option to spend a day walking around Central and Sheung Wan along the ‘Dr. Sun Yat-sen’ walk. You will find lots of nice little restaurants, noodle shops and cafes around the area, where you can have breakfast lunch and dinner. Some snapshots…


msg free fish ball noodle in wanchai

Hi there! I ‘found’ a nice litlle noodle shop in Wanchai. One of the places that is known to serve MSG free food, I was told by a fellow soup lover, sitting next to me. Just walk down from the corner ‘Queens Road East’ / ‘Spring Garden Lane’ (there is a ‘Pacific Coffee’, across the street from ‘Hopewell Center‘) and you will find it on your left, after walking less than a minute. The area around Wanchai market is quite cool and i like it very much. Never been to the roof-top pool of Hopewell, though (00:20 – 00:50 you have some nice views of Wanchai, Causeway Bay and Central). One of my favourite supermarkets is located in the basement of ‘Hopewell’, by the way. They transformed it from a ‘Park’N’Shop‘ into a ‘Taste’ (same as P’N’S with premium prices), recently. Well worth going if you admire a nice, well chosen selection of international goodies – nice meat and seafood station, and they offer ‘Hong Kong Organic‘ veggies! Back to topic: I had the fish ball with my favourite flat white noodle (a.k.a. yu dan ho fan). The broth was tasty, fish ball/cake had a nice texture – neither too firm, nor too soft. Aneightoutoftenifyouaskme The beef noodle looked nice as well, and I saw quite a few people ordering it.

Shall try that next time…


dim sum @victoria harbour seafood

Went with a couple of friends to ‘Victoria Harbour Seafood Restaurant, Citic Tower, Central”, the other day. I am a regular to their other branch in “Sung Hung Kai Center, Wanchai”, and tried this outlet for the first time. Very easy to find. Just go through the entrance of Citic Tower (the one facing the waterfront) and take the elevator to fifth floor.

Food is above average maybeasevenoutoften and they have some nice signature dishes. Try their version of Shanghainese soup dumplings, a.k.a. “Xia Long Bao”. They come with a juicy a crab filling, instead of the standard minced pork. Another nice dish is the beef with Wasabi – well worth trying! Juicy, tender beef cut into small bite size pieces, with just the right touch of hot Japanese raddish. Other places sometimes get too excited with the Wasabi – here it is served in a way, that you still can enjoy the nice beef flavour. “Victoria Harbour Seafood” seems to be famous for their “beef brisket” station and other Chiu Chow cuisine delicacies, being cooked up in an open area. You cannot miss it… you will pass by, when being taken to your table. The congee was not so good. We had the “salty chicken” version – stay away.

Upside: One of the few Dim Sum spots with a nice harbour view from Central to Kowloon side. A very good place to go, if you have visitors in town. All fellow ‘DimSummers’, locals as well as gweilos, agreed that we shall come back to try some more.

Mai Dan!


hk food expo

SCMP video on the “HK Food Expo”.


thrilla in manila

Okay folks, I am gonna keep this one short. Was in Manila, this week on a biz trip. Just have a look at the pics. This nasty little treat of the Philippines It is called “Balut” (fertilized duck egg). I believe in this case it is true – pictures speak louder than words.

It sure was cooked!


kau kee – want beef?

First of all: Nice! Your are back for more! A friend of mine introduced me to this hidden little gem in “21 Gough Street, Sheung Wan” – noodle shop “Kau Kee”. You can either walk down the steps from Hollywood Road to Gough Street, or make your way up from Queens Road. The area is pretty cool – you can find some nice restaurants, furniture/home deco shops and other interesting things. It is worth to go browsing, once you are there. I believe most of you know “ypmaps”. If not… here you go: Very useful tool with nice search functions – easy and convenient.

There are several Hong Kong style restaurants in the area, so you gotta make sure you find the right one. If you are coming during peak hours, just look for the place with the longest cue. If you go on a weekend, around lunch time, expect a minimum time of 10 minutes, before being seated. Regulars keep up with standing in line up to half an hour, just to get their bowls of noodles.

Kau Kee entrance

Kau Kee entrance

Once you are in, it is an easy deal. They mainly serve two dishes, only. Beef noodles in a clear broth, or curry beef noodles. I prefer the clear broth version with flat white rice noodles: “Au Lam Ho Fan”. The curry goes better with the yellow Chinese style vermicelli. You can never go wrong ordering some veggies (eat your greens, la!), so I like to order a portion on the side. Add a cold Yuanyang (milk-tea and coffee mixed) and you are ready to have a perfect HK style lunch.

Beef noodles in clear broth with veggies on the side

Beef noodles in clear broth with veggies on the side

Curry beef noodle

Curry beef noodle

The combination of mouth-watering beef, delicious soup and scrumptious noodles is close to perfection. The vegetables, I had “Sam Choi”, had a very nice texture and were dipped in the broth. A solid nine on a scale from zero to ten. Their broth is so outstanding, that they can afford to charge six Honks Hong Kong Dollars for it. Really something unusual in HK to my experience. In other noodle shops you just ask for more soup and that’s it. Bowls are rather small, but if you have your veggies and drink on the side, it shall be enough to get you full. Another nice treat is their homemade chili sauce. If you like to add a little spicy twist to your meal, try some with a piece of beef or just put a small spoonful in your bowl and mix it with the soup. I went there for lunch with some colleagues. I believe it is always a good idea to ask locals about their opinion on local food. They agreed to the fact that those are some exceptionally good noodles. Kind of surprised them, how a Gweilo could find and like such a shop…

…told them that I should be ready to surprise them again, soon!

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